Food of the World in Los Angeles: Canada, Eh?

Being less than 150 miles from the border, Los Angeles is known for it’s Mexican food, but tonight I visited a restaurant that features the culture, food and drinks of our friendly neighbors to the north, the Canadians.

P'tit Soleil Poutine Flags

More specifically, food in the style of French Canadians who mostly live on the Eastern Canada’s Quebec Province. At P’tit Soleil in Westwood you can find a variety of French Canadian dishes and drinks, including the deliciousness on a plate known simply as poutine. Poutine consists of french fries smothered in gravy and toped with cheese curds.

What more do I have to say. Fries, gravy, cheese. This place knows their poutine so well they have an ENTIRE MENU for the stuff! I’m getting hungry again.


P'tit Soleil Poutine Fries

Anyway it’s a very cozy and charming little restaurant with a nice bar area and some good happy hour specials to enjoy, including some hard to find Canadian beers on tap. This would be a great stop for dinner, for a snack after a day at the beach or maybe even to watch an hockey game. See you there, eh?P'tit Soleil Poutine Exterior

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