Food of the World in Los Angeles: Australia

G’day mates!

Two things I love are pies and well-seasoned meat.  Fortunately, at The Bronzed Aussie in downtown, the two are combined into a delicious meat pies.

Bronzed Aussie Exterior

The shop is located in a short alley off South Los Angeles Street in a quiet alcove of new stores and apartments called Santee Court.  The area is welcome escape from the noise and bustle of the main street, and could be a nice place to sit and enjoy a coffee or chat with some friends over some pies.

Bronzed Aussie Interior

The owner Samantha serves up a variety of pies, tarts and coffees.  She informed me that in Australia meat pies are like a hot dog here – fast, cheep, and omnipresent.  She says it was the English who first brought “pie culture” to Australia when it was a colony, but it was the french who added flavor and a gourmet touch.

Bronzed Aussie Pie Case

I tried the “The Original” pie, with lean ground beef, gravy, tomatoes and spices.

Bronzed Aussie Meat Pie

The crust was flakey and delicious, the filling was warm and hearty. It was good for a quick snack or lunch and I’m planning on returning to try some other flavors and desserts.

Bronzed Aussie Meat Pie

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