2014 Rose Parade


We started 2014 off with an early start – the 2014 Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA.

Beautiful floats, lots of bands, and great weather combined for a full day of Southern Cali culture. Here are a few pics I snapped with my Canon T3i (with 55-250mm zoom lens) and some from my new GoPro Hero 3.

Peacock Float Float Flowers Can you hear me now? Marine Band Colorful woman Digging Dog TB and KW Colorful Flags Hippo E Harmony Palms Stanford Tree Pegasus Float

For some photos from Pasadena’s wacky summer time Doo Dah Parade, click here.

Happy New Year!

TB and KW

4 thoughts on “2014 Rose Parade

    • Thanks Lee-Ann,
      I thought about photoshopping out the lamp post for a cleaner composition but then figured leaving them in is a more accurate representation of the urban jungle out here in the LA basin. Happy New Year to you too

      • Great call! I would be torn over the same dilemma. Composition really is everything, but I could argue that accuracy trumps composition. Maybe that’s because photoshopping tends to make me feel like a liar… unfortunately.

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