First visit to The Huntington

Spent a few hours wondering around the beautiful grounds of The Huntington Library and Gardens this weekend and had a great time checking out all the plant life. It’s a really peaceful place with so much to see, much more than can be covered in one day, so I’m sure I’ll be back.

As always click to enlarge any photo, right click to save.


HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0070 HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0012 HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0009 HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0079 HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0010 HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0080 HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0006 HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0000 HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0013 HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0018 HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0045 HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0083 HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0077 Kristen HuntingtonGardensTrip1_0038

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