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Hi, my name is Trevor Brightman.

I love to tackle complex issues with my creative, data-driven approach.

Utilizing my broad range of professional experiences & an insatiable curiosity, I’m always looking to turn problems into solutions.

I’d love to connect to talk about a potential partnership.

My Mission

My mission is to help other people achieve their goals.

I do so by taking the time to fully understand the issues at hand, assuring buy-in from all stakeholders , research, testing, implementation and continuous improvement of proven solutions.

This can range from increasing efficiency, leveraging new tools and technology, or simply re-imagining how things are done.

I live in historic Deerfield Massachusetts, along with my family. I love working fast while online, and living slow while offline. 


A verb that can describe many things.

  • Process & Operations Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Creative direction (web, video)
  • Data Analysis & Auditing
  • Resource planning.

Basically, spreadsheets, charts and pivot tables are my jam.

In his time at Six-Point, Trevor evaluated our systems and processes, implemented system improvements, mentored other employees, and was also someone who you could go to when you need to just “get stuff done.”

Meghan Lynch | CEO, SIX-POINT Creative


Data mining & analytics, reporting, custom pages, fields, and spreadsheets. Digital Clean-up, increased efficiency and improved margins.

Process improvement, implementation of digital tools, financial clean-up, forecasting & business plan reconciliation.

Improved online representation of Top 500 products for various ecommerce platforms with the Yankee Candle Marketing Activation Team. Audited media library, created asset database, produced new assets.

Marketing Department Fellow while obtaining MBA, produced promotional materials including graphics, photo and video assets.

Traffic management, overhauled project management workflow (including new client services handbook and new software platform), managed team members and client projects for print, photo, web and animation.

Formal Education

Full Resume

“Trevor is undeniably a natural leader and a relentless problem solver. Anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.”

Anthea Carrillo | Director of Workplace Experience, Ingenuity Studios

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