Web Design

Hartford Beer Journal

A website showcasing the finest brewpubs in central Connecticut as well as tips on hosting a beer tasting party, brewing your own beer and more.

For this project I built the menu and navigation, designed the graphics, wrote the copy, conducted interviews, edited video and created an interactive map.

Live website | 30 Second Audio Promo Script 

HBJ Homepage exampleHBJ Map exampleHBJ Writing example HBJ slideshow video example HBJ bio and legal example

Every Ounce Counts

A website design and proposal I did as a student at Quinnipiac University’s Interactive Communications Program.

Website Plan & Copy

Everyone Oz CountsWireframe Diagram

Brightman Blue Portfolio

Another website designed and build during days as a graduate student.

Brightman Blue Contact

Website Design Trevor Brightman Blue


AmeriCorps Because Logo

AmeriCorpsBecause.org was a website dedicated to collecting and sharing testimonials illustrating the importance of AmeriCorps and other National Service Programs. Above is the logo I designed for the site and below are testimonials I videotaped and edited for the project.

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